Angkor Gold Corp. Representative to Speak at United Nations Forum

Grande Prairie, Alberta (October 16, 2014) ANGKOR GOLD CORP. (TSXV: “ANK”) is pleased to announce that Delayne Weeks, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility of Angkor Gold Corp. has accepted an invitation to speak about Cambodia, its mining industry, and prospects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development sponsored by the UN Commission on Trade Development in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 20th to 23rd, 2014.

Ms. Weeks will begin with the presentation, “Corporate Social Responsibility from Ground Zero.” Ms. Weeks has also been invited to participate on two panel discussions, “Community Engagement – Practices and Lessons” and “The Role of Women in the Mining Sector”.

Alberta-based Angkor Gold incorporates CSR as part of its “best practices” strategy in a fashion wholly unique to any other mining companies of its size. These benefits create a broad-spectrum “shared value” across company operations.  Local communities and staff at all levels benefit from training in English, advanced exploration methodologies, first aid training, computer applications and environmental preservation.

In addition, through its multi-stakeholder approach, Angkor Gold provides clean water solutions and improvements in education and agriculture alongside enhanced access to medical treatment and economic development.

“Political support is critical. Industry needs to work with governments at all levels, but we also need to walk in their shoes.  If we can help Cambodia make the mining industry attractive, it sends a message worldwide about healthy change.  All stakeholders benefit – government, industry, communities and the environment.” stated Ms. Weeks.

Angkor Gold shareholders appreciate these value-added benefits from the company’s long-term vision. China’s Tohui Group, for instance, is deeply invested in Angkor Gold, in both Angkor Gold’s highly mineralized landholdings and the company’s CSR programs.  Angkor Gold’s commitment to the Kingdom of Cambodia and development of the country has earned the company the position of consulting with the government on tax structure, regulations, royalties and licensing, providing further value to shareholders.

Operations at one of the country’s first legal mines is slated for production by Mesco Gold Cambodia and Angkor Gold in early 2016. Presently under construction, Management of Angkor Gold anticipates that the project will generate a large royalty for Angkor and would establish the first continuing royalty revenue stream from mining for the national government of Cambodia, benefitting all Cambodians.

“Angkor Gold uses both technical and CSR tools to build from the ground up. This means including all stakeholders in a diligent, ongoing educational process about exploration, development, human and land rights, environmental footprints, and future growth and sustainability”, noted Delayne Weeks.

Angkor Gold, its staff and management understand that the global mining industry urgently needs to improve community engagement to ensure the long-term sustainability of mining projects. To this end, Cambodia presents a welcome, clean slate to do exactly that from the very beginning, as an emerging market with extremely substantive poly-metallic mineralization with the help of a government progressively seeking foreign investment.  All of this enables Angkor Gold to undertake challenges while setting a precedent never before seen in Cambodia.

ANGKOR GOLD CORP., a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, is Cambodia’s premier gold explorer with a significantly large land package and a first-mover advantage with excellent relationships at all levels of government in Cambodian (local and national).


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